About me


India is a land of experiments. And so are Indians. From religion to science, to philosophy to politics, in all ages, in all spheres, there were experiments. I, with 1.2 billion Indians, am a part of that experimentation process.

I have been trying to write in different blogs, but I finally resorted to this due to its simplicity and more applications than earlier blog platforms I have been using.

I have been writing for a over 12 years [first poem being: ye hai vigyaan, 1995]. Then I wrote some more poems and essays. In one of my essays about Prem Chandra, I wrote: Dhanpat Rai  was a coward and was fearful of British; therefore, he used a pseudo name Prem Chand. Later, when I started reading about Prem Chand, I realized my blunder. After some accidents and incidents in my life and family, I became more introvert, started reading a lot of things but I never wrote.

In 2000, suddenly, I got an opportunity to restart my pen as there was a competition remembering Icarus and Daedalus [Greek heroes who tried to escape from prison by flying but failed and died]. Participant were supposed to write a poem in Hindi or English. Dreaming about Icarus one night, I ended up with a poem next morning:

Icarus ke udaan ki chaah, ek lambi aah

vo uda itna upar, laga sabse super

par pighal gaya mom, suraj ke sammukh

ud chala aasmaan me

Icarus ko chhod gaya, uske sapno ko tod gaya….

Icarus ke udaan ki chaah, ek lambi aah ! […..continue]

Writing this poem was like spark. I restarted with full excitement but uninteresting poems creating no interest even in me. My favorite topics used to be politics and women; like:

rugn badan jarjar vasan

nistejanan bhanvar jaal

visham chaal sankochit man

maryaadit bhaav vishaal

pratah nisha shram darpan

vyathit hridaya darshan kaal

Then I moved towards stories, bigger poems and finally started experimentation with novel in 2002-2003 about Hindu-Muslim riots. I dropped this novel after seeing the condition of Tasleema Nasreen. Meanwhile, I developed a love for someone. But, unfortunately, that was not a single girl…..it was a mixture of few. My school was also very conservative, so I could never realize it; but however, I used to write some poems on name of one girl which I thought to be most charming of all. I did never had the courage to ever say her this. Later, I realized that she is not the girl except name and face which I was looking. So, after full-fledge research and consultation of myself and my future, I started building my own dreamgirl. To give her a shape, I started writing a novel on her [2003-05]. That was the golden period of my literature and romance. I hope, I will one day find her and say I am incomplete without you.

From 2001-02, I developed my interest in Political Economics of Development PED and science. After exploring quantum mechanics and relativity [I never understood neither], I decided that I am not gonna become a scientist. By studying PED, I decided, I will try to work for promoting science in India. [continue…….]

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