Privacy Policy for CitiTalk

Privacy Policy

User Registration and Profile Information
What are the types of data provided by user in order to create its account over CitiTalk?
A user has to provide Username*, and Mobile Number* as a compulsory information to create account over CitiTalk.

What are the permissions CitiTalk demands from the user in order to facilitate user to use CitiTalk?
CitiTalk takes the permission of user to access following data/information from the phone:

  • SMS
  • Precise location based on GPS and Network
  • Contacts
  • Activity recognition
  • Modify or delete content of SD Card
  • Google Service Configuration
  • Connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi
  • Full network access
  • View network connections
  • View Wi-Fi connections
  • Run at startup
  • Control vibration
  • Prevent phone from sleeping

What is the minimum age to use CitiTalk?
CitiTalk accesses and shares the location of the user which requires users to have a medium level of maturity. So, 13+         age is a good age to use CitiTalk.

When and how the mobile number of the user is verified?
The Mobile number of the user is verified through secure One Time Password sent to the mobile number provided by the user at the time of registration. The process of mobile number verification is both manual as well as automated.

Who can see my mobile number?
The mobile number of a user will be visible to only those people who already have that number in their contact list. CitiTalk doesn’t share mobile number of any user with anyone. However, it can be shared with the competent legal authority of India as and when required.

What will happen if anyone else uses my mobile number to create an account on CitiTalk?
CitiTalk doesn’t take responsibility of these cases. However, user can send a mail to mentioning this problem. CitiTalk is free to take any decision in this regard until or unless specified by any competent legal authority in India.

What are the information which makes the profile of the user and who can see it?
The constituent of profile of a user are:

  • Name
  • Mobile Number (visible to only those who already have mobile number of that user in its contact list)
  • Image
  • Posts created by that user
  • Status Message
  • Has the user permitted anyone to privately chat with the user
  • Gender
  • Age

User Activities over CitiTalk?

What are the activities a user can do over CitiTalk?
User can do following things over CitiTalk:

  • Create a Talk which is always Public. The Talk can contain text, image, sound, video and combination of one or many. The Talk will contain its location but the user has the choice to disallow other users to see it.
  • Respond to a Talk which is always public. Respond will always contain text, image, sound, video and combination of one or many.
  • Like a Talk.
  • ReTalk a Talk which is nothing but republishing of a Talk created by other user.
  • Share the Talk over other mobile apps.
  • Privately chat with the creator of the Talk if the creator has allowed other users to do so. But in this case, the contact details of the creator will not be visible to any user.
  • Privately chat with people in the contact list of the phone book of the user or with the chat groups of which user is a member.
  • Redeem Karmas against unique gift items and incentives.
  • Exchange Karmas with each other.

What are the type of content which can be published in a Talk?
Like any other social media platform, CitiTalk is a platform for constructive and healthy discussion among users of the same location. In all cases, CitiTalk reserves the right to decide the type of content which can be published over CitiTalk but in all cases, CitiTalk will neither publish nor allow anyone to publish any content which is abusive, violent, obscene, hate speech or encourages any of the above.

What is the mechanism for prevent abusive content?
In order to prevent receiving abusive content, a user has two options: Block the creator of the content; and report the Talk of any user as “abusive”. If a profile is being blocked by a larger set of users or if Talks of a user is reported abusive then it is manually verified by the CitiTalk Team.

What are the governing laws and the court of conflict resolution?
The laws of India are the governing laws for CitiTalk and High Court of Delhi is the court of conflict resolution for all cases.

Who owns the content of the Talk? Who is accountable for it? What is the role of CitiTalk?
CitiTalk assumes that the content of the Talk created by a user is the creation of the user and he or she is fully accountable for it. CitiTalk will not be responsible for any loss or damage to a user due to activities over CitiTalk by other users or loss or damage caused by the user to someone else by doing activities over CitiTalk. The role of CitiTalk is only that of a Technology provider which facilitates a user to publish content in a target loicality.

Data Security?
CitiTalk follows the best security practices. It uses secure cloud servers provided by one of the most reputed cloud service providers. Apart from that, CitiTalk uses a large number of third party services which are state-of-the-art in terms of security, robustness, and scalability. So data provided by users will be very secure and CitiTalk will take utmost care in protecting personal data of users and providing maximum security.


CitiTalk is only a service provider which enables users to publish location based social media content and interact with other users. CitiTalk doesn’t take the responsibility of checking authenticity or ownership of any content published over it because CitiTalk assumes that any content published by a user over CitiTalk is creation of the user and the user is fully accountable for it. CitiTalk will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by any user while using CitiTalk.

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