I take responsibility of Delhi HC Bomb blast and all other bomb blasts in the country….Why?

Dear all,

I take responsibility of recent bomb blast outside Delhi HC. I take responsibility of almost all terrorist attacks in our country. Since I don’t have passport or have nor gone outside India, so I am not sure about my direct contribution in terrorist attacks worldwide. Anyway, let us talk India

There are three possible actors involved in the bomb blasts in India: govt | terrorists | aam aadmi. Since govt is a legitimate entity and can’t kill its own people, so let us assume that govt is pro-people. It has not created bomb blast.

Now come to terrorists. Either terrorists have done these blasts or not done it. At 1st, let us assume that terrorists have done these blasts. If terrorists have done these blasts then govt must have acted (refer assumption that govt is pro-people) against them. Actions of govt can be categorized as preemptive & post attack. Now in Delhi HC, a low intensity attack happened on May 25 this year and again on 7 September); neither before attack nor after attack govt took any action. Forget about Delhi HC, attacks have been happening across the country but rare preemptive or post-attack serious actions against terrorists have been taken so far. It means that terrorists have no role in these attacks as in if terrorists would have been involved then govt must have acted against them (refer assumptions about govt above that govt is pro-people rather than pro-terrorist). So we are left with the option that terrorists have not done these bomb blasts.

Now the last set of actors: common man/aam aadmi. Since, it has been proven that neither govt nor terrorists have done these attacks but still attacks have happened, so common man is responsible. Also, those common people who have died can’t prove their innocence (as they are dead). So, we can put blame on people that common people have themselves committed mass suicides. Since mass suiciders have died and all of them were my family members (therefore i’m confident about this info), so on behalf of them and to help investigation agencies, I take responsibility of their crime. I would like to say that both terrorists and govt are innocent.

I feel sorry about the actions of my family members (every Indian citizen excluding govt n terrorists) and I take responsibility of all bomb blasts in the country (which have not been resolved by Investigation agencies). I would like to request govt to free innocents like Ajmal Kasab n Afzal Guru. I am ready to take responsibility of these attacks as my family members who died in these attacks were party to these attacks also. GOD, pl forgive sin of my fellow Indians!!

Veerender Kumar
Nandan Mishra
Amrendra Narayan
All my dead family members
All my terrified family members who fear of accepting the truth in public
All citizens of India

  1. I agree bhai,
    please add me to the list of undersigned

  2. You’re nuts! (in a complimentary way). But, I do like the fact you are willing to take personal responsibility.
    Thanks for the Like, much appreciated!

  3. thanks 🙂 it is very frustrating that people are dying in terrorist attacks and govt is insensitive…. even if terrorists are caught then govt is not taking appropriate actions… that sucks

  4. There is no single solution to a complex question (at the present time). Complex questions and solutions were found by famous Indians in the past, we may need to study their methods.
    Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis. That is your perpetual energy diagram.

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