Enterprise Schools

Working on Eduction system, some of us have concluded the idea of Enterprise Schools. It has been designed in the context that Equitable-Education is most important to create functionally democratic, competitive and merit-based society.


Enterprise School

School education shall be mandatory (preferably) for all children. It will be free and equal. Government won’t appoint any school teacher, won’t pay salary to anyone. Any Indian national can become eligible to become a teacher after passing some examinations and attending few academic programs. These programs may be similar to B-Ed or M-Ed. Every child will get education coupon which will allow him or her to study anywhere in India (there may be conditions for locality).

A group of eligible teachers can create a school (like Self-Help Group) and students can enroll in those schools. This school need to be registered to a defined authority say education directorate or local government. Registration process will be similar to that of a SHG or company or society. Teachers will get coupons from students and get them encashed by government. A student can’t change his/her school more than twice a year means there will be 6 monthly coupons. A child is free to attend any of these schools across the country. Let us call these schools as Enterprise Schools. These schools shall be rated every year and teachers are required to attend aptitude exams every year to remain teachers. Students and parents shall fill half-yearly performance reports for schools. We can take the help of website or IVRS (Internet Voice Response System) or phones to get these feedback forms filled. A school performing poor shall not be allowed to continue. Similarly, a teacher performing poor shall not be allowed to continue.

Schools may obtain resource and infra support from government. The current school buildings can be used for schooling purposes. a school can take space on rent. the rent shall be paid or subsidized by the government (through coupons). If a school is discontinued, then all the resources given to that school so-far shall be recovered. So, the government shall not encourage creation of NPAs (Non-Performing Assets).

Parents or local community can donate to schools but they won’t be asked to pay. Locality shall be an important factor in getting enrolled in any school.

Any Enterprise school is free to determine the methodology of education, take exams. However, there will be uniform guidelines for minimum education, there won’t be upper limits.

For better quality control, government can take aptitude tests (only class 6 onwards) every year so as to allow a student to get forwarded to another class.

Schools performing good shall be given government or community supports in form of grants for laboratory/library/sports/recreation/tour/scholarships/awards etc.

There will not be any non-Enterprise School in India means, there won’t be any private or govt school. Only Enterprise School shall be allowed in India.

I would like to invite questions.

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