Declaration of Secularism

Declaration of secularism
Political Economic means social, political and economic domains.
1. Religion is a personal and private matter and it must not get into political economic domain.
2. Religion has to limit itself only to men/women and god. It must not have any political economic identity or expression. Therefore any entity or person can’t be religious as well as political economic at the same time.
3. All religions are equal, so state or law can’t favor any religion.
4. None of the state or law related entity can have a religious concern.
5. Religious texts need to be spiritual. Any political economic text based on religion is not a matter of directive for governance in India. They can’t be referred or used by any political economic institution including state and law of India.
6. No religion, religious entity or religious text can state or discuss about anything which promotes, supports or spiritualizes any kind of violence, hatred, discrimination or any kind of non-spiritual or political economic differentiation against non-believers. If there exists something like above then the representatives must – delete those parts of text, disown that, denounce that and the representatives of that religion officially submit a declaration of abiding this act as a necessary steps for restoration of secularism in the country.
7. There can’t be any law and legal/judicial system whether personal or criminal or political-economic can be based on religion. Our constitution need to be amended in order to abolish all such legal arrangements.
8. There must be a uniform civil code.
9. There can’t be any extra-judicial entity based on religion. Viz: Khap Panchayats or there can’t be any entity which can issue something like fatwa. All these entities and decisions by these extra-judicial entities shall be declared anti-national, anti-constitutional and must be put under criminal offense.
10. There can’t be any public expression of religion.
11. Any religion can’t create any undefined common property. All religious common properties need to be defined.
An application: Ban on use of loudspeakers by religious entities. If any religious entity wants make any religious expression targeting its followers then appropriate technology shall be used so that only target users can be delivered. The appropriate technology can be in the form of radio set-up for each national accompanied by earphones/telephones. Even telephones can be modified for this purpose. Internet and appropriate networks can be used for that purpose.
12. No religious entity can force government for favoritism and vice-versa.
13. No political economic system can have religious foundation.
An application: Caste system won’t be allowed, recognized, supported and promoted. Since caste is a religious entity so any caste can’t have any political economic existence.
14. Since caste is officially derecognized, there can’t be any discrimination based on caste. In other words, there can’t be any caste-based reservation.
15. No any political economic entity can demand a citizen to reveal his/her caste.
16. One is free to marry or organize on the lines of caste/religion. But it must not be political economic.
17. Religion can’t interfere in any person’s personal, social or political economic life. Viz: abortion, contraception, embryonic stem cell, same-sex marriage, sex education etc.
18. Religious education shall be put under state vigilance and any kind of discrepancy shall be considered a punishable offense. The entity shall be immediately banned/ closed.
19. Social/political economic life can’t be governed by religion.
An application: Burqua/Hizab can’t be allowed in public space.
20. All public entities or symbols must not have any religious affiliation.
21. Human connection with nature and secular practices to promote human connection with nature shall not be considered as religious. If any of the political economic decision or entity have nature in its foundation then it shall be supported.
An application: Protection of Niyamgiri hills by govt. of India is secular. This decision may have religious importance but it shall be considered completely as secular. Similarly protecting /cleaning rivers, mountains ma have correlation with Indic religions but they have environmental concerns at the core.
22. Religion can have only right to express relation of an individual with the God. It can’t encroach the relation of a person anything other than God. Also it can’t determine the rights and duties of a person within family. Only Uniform Civil code can do it.
23. History books can’t be influenced by religious bias. The unbiased truth must be there in the history text-books.
24. State shall maintain the records of the religion of a person, but not his/her caste.
25. Religion is a personal matter and state need not make any legal definition for the same
26. A person can’t have religion by birth. (S)He is supposed to opt for her/his religion only after the age of 18. Parents/relatives/educational institutions are directed to not force any child for selecting any particular religion.
27. Since children do not have religion, religious education shall be same/ common for all children and shall be provided by the state. The idea behind having a common religious education is to create humans above religion. Also, unbiased teaching of all religions shall help all children to have better selection of religion at the age of 18. It will also generate employment opportunities for priests of all religions.
28. A person can opt for multiple religious affiliations, what he needs to do is make a legal declaration about it.
29. There may be a number of people who do not want to have any religious affiliation. The state has the duty to facilitate this option.

    • abhinav
    • January 29th, 2011

    nice article. Hope it is the way everyone thinks and accepts.

    • If we make logical and accommodating approach in solving problems and carry it to masses, we may be successful in getting wide acceptance.

        • theegala
        • February 13th, 2011

        seems all are ideal but anyway nice points. But the we should know that present is the result of activities of past and also not only in our country but also other and also every human doesn’t have the same genes and brain activity same so this transformation of a religionless India is ideal and (dont think i am pessimist) may or may not possible but what is possible is people living with peace and harmony what ever their background and belief is!!! I think if we dont collect the information of religion of a child now then some of the schemes which are intended to them may not be reachable.

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