21CC: Engine for Sustenance

IITians are said to be visionaries in the Indian society who can think ahead of the time.  Our alumni have excellent expertise in the real world and are better aware of the challenges in the 21st Century. The challenges are too many and need multidimensional approach. At the same time, there is an urgent need to create future experts as problems are increasing at a greater pace than our capabilities to solve them.

We want IITK family to interact on a diverse set of challenges our planet is currently facing. These interactions may lead to various case studies, novel and interdisciplinary approaches of understanding and solving problems, experimentation and implementation of different ideas which may help to achieve sustainable and inclusive development.

We propose to organize activities like workshops, jam, guest lectures, case studies, surveys, planning and policy-design, experimentation etc. where all the members of IITK family will share their ideas.

Each month shall be dedicated for a single theme and all activities in that month will revolve around that theme. Some of the themes identified by us are:

1 Water and waste management
2 Air Quality
3 Urban planning
4 Healthcare
5 Energy security
6 Information systems
7 Lifestyle
8 Security systems
9 Food Security
10 Education
11 Transportation
12 Infrastructure

Programs and activities for each of the 12 topics:
a) Talk/Interactive session by an expert of that field. This lecture can be through video conferencing, if required.
b) Debates at hostel level. Students will be encouraged to participate in the debate. These debates will be moderated and judged by a faculty or any expert of that area.
c) Panel discussion at institute level. 4 experts, including faculty, expert from outside or interested alumnus will be invited to discuss over an issue in that area. Video/audio conferencing will be availed, if required.
d) Case studies on a particular problem in that area will be invited from students. These case studies can be done individually or in a group.
e) Jam: Alumni, students and faculty of IITK will participate in monthly Jams.
f) Survey: A group of students will be supported to visit a place (within India) and do a survey on any of the topic in aforementioned 12 areas. Support will include expenses over fooding, lodging, travel and some other essential expenditures. Students will be selected on the basis of their participation in above mentioned activities. These surveys can be done in and around Kanpur also.

We would like to invite your views on this.

thanks and regards
Team PoWER

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