Good boy-Bad boy

Our systems across the world are patriarchal, so most of the growing girls in their initial ages, (when they are below teens and teens) are subjected to harshness of this patriarchy. So, almost all of them develop a strong dislikeness for rule, laws, ethics, philosophy and similar ideas which define system and provide it any form of visible/ invisible rigidities. Unconsciously they develop a likeness for the symbols of breaking all these rigidities. So they develop a likeness for bad boys……….type psycho (here bad boys refers to those who do not follow the ideals of society). So, media and entertainment industry, which has the largest market (consumers) or audience (in older days), among these so-called bad boys or later complete males grown out of these bad boys, present and promote (and create the general opinion) the particular female identity which bad boys want (due to dominance of this identity in means of communication, it had become dominant identity and we generally talk about). Since, it had been made to represent breaking of rigidities, so females do not put any organized opposition to this stereotyping by media and entertainment industries. And follows the idea of integrating females with consumption / consumer goods (anything from mobile to car to clothes to pizza….women are shown advertising a commodity which is going to give as much pleasure and satisfaction as a naked women in front).

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